Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mon, 10/17 - What did i do today?

So, tomorrow.... er, in about 7 hours, is my committee meeting. Blah! i've done some minimal preparation. i basically took my research Qs, edited them and made bullet points explaining how i intend to address each research Q. this is the handout i'm giving the committee. hope that suffices.

i also have my dissertation coaching session tomorrow morning.... er, in about 6 hours. i'm not *quite* ready for that b/c i was supposed to be done with my methods chapter. i can't really say that i am, but i can say that i have a pretty good draft. one that i can leave alone for awhile & move onto my findings chapter/completion of my data analysis. i think it's a sufficient map for what i need to do next. i guess there are a couple more things  i could do to make myself feel a bit more 'done.' maybe i'll get to that later this morning.

i've also revised my completion timeline, realizing i only have 5 months left to finish this crazy project. that is so nuts. 5 months seems like a LONG time right? but in dissertation world, those damn quantities of time are going to dwindle SO fast.literally slip through the fingers. so i have to make them count somehow.

i sent my timeline to my dissertation coach, and in about 6 hrs, we'll see what she says. then i'll have to sign off from the call early so i can go (reluctantly) on to my committee meeting.... hope it goes well... or at least OK. no crying for sure!!! no crying!!! must remember that!!!!

on a related & troubling note, my highest capacity flash drive seems to be crashing or the USB on this shitty laptop is crashing. i dunno, but not good.

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