Monday, October 17, 2011

First Post

Ok, first post.

Little Bit of Background: I'm a PhD Candidate @ the UArizona's College of Education. I started my PhD program @ an east coast university, but transferred to UA in 2006... sooo.... that means I've been in this program for 5 f*king years. Ugh. That further means, I've really gotta finish.

Current Status: I've got a proposal that I've been building. I'm nearly done w/a methods chapter and will shortly be moving onto a findings chapter -- this is THE most progress I've made in awhile. Thank God for SOME progress -- largely due to acquiring the services & sage advice of a private dissertation coach. Yup, it came to that. $130/3 sessions! It's not cheap, but I have high hopes it'll be worth it. I want OUT!!!

This Tuesday I have a meeting with my dissertation committee. I am hoping that it will go well. Well = no suggestions for ANY major changes. Well = approval of what I am currently doing & plan to do. Well = green light to proceed as is.

Subsequent posts will not provide much background at all. I'll just be jotting down thoughts on my activities/progress, as this record is really for my own purposes & motivation.